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The Swab-its firearms cleaning line, manufactured in the US by Super Brush LLC, includes Bore-tips®, Gun-tips® and Bore-Whips™.

gun cleaningDesigned to be lint-free and reusable, foam Bore-tips from Swab-its provide the ultimate in barrel cleaning with their tight bore-fitting 360-degree cleaning surface, delivering improved cleaning and maximum lubrication. Bore-tips are available in .22cal/5.56mm, .243cal/6mm, .30cal/7.62mm, .357cal/9mm, 40cal/10mm/.410, .45cal/11.4mm, .50cal/12.7/28ga, 12ga, and 20ga.

Gun-tips are also lint-free, reusable foam swabs that offer superior firearms detailing versatility. Gun-tips come in a variety of shapes, sizes and lengths to ensure cleaning and lubricating of all parts of the firearm, while leaving no residue of lint commonly found in other cleaning devices.


  • A bag contains 9 Gun-tips®
  • Each tip can be used multiple times
  • Replaces cotton swabs
  • Washable and reusable
  • Lint-free and fiber-free

MSRP $6.99  Click Here to Buy Now

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Introducing the Just Holster It Handgun Magazine Holder. Like with all of our concealed carry Holster products the single magazine holder utilizes the same clip as the Protector and Protector Plus. In addition it is not only made from the same carbon fiber material, but it also has adjustable retention integrated directly into it.


  • IWB Magazine Holster (Inside the Waist Band)
  • OWB Magazine Holster (Outside the Waist Band)
  • .08 Thick Carbon Fiber Black Material
  • High Strength Plastic Clips Standard
  • 20 Day Test Drive – Return No Questions Asked
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Wide Range of Sizes

Retails for $29.95   Click Here to Shop


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  • IWB Holster (Inside the Waist Band)
  • Interchangeable Gun Shells – Free Exchange for Life
  • 10-14oz  100% American Leather – Brown or Black
  • High Strength Steel Clips Standard
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 200+ Gun Models

Hybrid Holsters are concealed carry holsters designed to be worn inside the waste band of your pants or shorts. providing a comfortable leather backing in contact with your skin. Minimizing the poking of the gun parts against your skin. We provide a variety of options for our Hybrid Concealed Handgun holsters to include backer color, type of clip, and gun shell color.

As with all our OWB Holsters and Hybrid Holsters the Gun Shells are interchangeable. So order one holster and multiple Gun Shells to fit all your guns. Get rid of that bin of holsters.

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You now have your pistol permit, you found the perfect handgun for concealed carry after doing months of research. The only thing missing is a which gun holster to choose. You have decided on IWB holsters and are working through your mind what carry position. Maybe you are considering strong side or even Cross draw holsters. You start doing your research as there are so many different options. Should you go with traditional leather gun holsters or should you consider a kydex holster?

Whatever your choices you decide you make your decision and even decide to buy from a local gun shop so as to not take the chance on getting gun holsters that don’t work or are not right for you. You go home all excited like a so many kids that just got the toy they always wanted. You are wearing it around the house putting it on as you go to the store. After all you have an obligation to protect your family. And of course you can’t wait to show your buddies, so you go over to his house and when you pull out your gun the holster comes with it, you put it back on and try again. You are thinking the holster must be too tight and not correctly fitted to your gun. Your buddy tells you that you should go back to the gun shop and get your money back.

In reality it the gun holster that is failing? Taking a deeper look in many cases we find that many are actually using the same dress belt or no belt at all while wearing IWB. You might be thinking so what, what does the belt have to do with my gun holsters, sure I can see if I am wearing OWB holsters, but does it really matter?  In fact you need to put just as much thought in Gun Holster Belt as you do the handgun or holsters you selected. The holster is the backbone of proper concealed carry and open carry. The problem described above is that typically most IWB holsters have a clip for securing the holster in place and a thin belt or thin nylon belt does not give the clip anything to grab onto letting the belt pull right through the clip. So you say ok I will get the belt loop style holster so it can’t pull through. Well again the Gun Holster Belt is the backbone of the holster, just like the spine is to our body.

The belt not only secures the holster in place it adds support to the gun and holster. Because we typically carry concealed, most holsters are designed to ride high on our waist. If you have a thin or flexible gun holster belt it will let the gun fall away from your body. A solid rigid thick holster belt will not only secure your holster in place but also add strength to the holster. In addition you will find that a good strong stiff holster belt will also aid in providing better support for the gun and holster and diminish back aches as it helps with comfort when you carry. So when you buy those new concealed carry holsters or OWB Holsters make the investment in a quality Gun Holster Belt and give your gun a little backbone.

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This 2-4 Pistol Case come in a variety of sizes and lockable features. All cases include 3 layers of foam allowing weapons to be stored in 1-2 layers. THis is the ideal case if you are just going to the range or even storing your handguns at home. In addition all cases are meet TSA Airline requirements. To better understand the Airline requirements please read TSA CASES Explanation

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The Kydex Holster has become a popular product of choice for concealed carry holster owners across the United States. A variety of manufacturers are on the market. Just Holster It has aqlways prided themselves on being an innovator in the holster industry, with that they have developed a product advancement for the Kydex Holster. The VersaClip is designed to allow you to convert most kydex holsters that use the standard FOMI Clip to becoming an adjustable CANT holster. With this innovation Just Holster It has implemented this as a standard option for their Protector Holsters and Protector Plus Model. This coming month we will be sending members the Protector Series Holster.

Click Here to Shop Now   Retail $54.95

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In the world of Concealed Carry Holster for women the selection is tough, probably the most difficult is finding the right Concealed Carry Holster for women. This is driven by how a woman dresses, what her activities are for the day, and so on. A gun holster needs to be fitted not to just the handgun but to the customer. For example a stay at home mom that has children around that can potentially get access to the gun, needs a more secure situation or total concealment holster compared to the working woman who goes to work every day. And what the woman wears for work is an even deeper consideration. Keep in mind most women do not typically wear a heavy duty holster belt like men. So what do we do?!

Finding a business that has a broad selection of  holsters for a wide range of gun models, that can give you a wide range of holster configurations and will let you try them on is a good start. Then before you go you need to evaluate your lifestyle and determine do you have the right handgun for how you will dress. Obviously if you are going jogging and wearing spandex pants and tanktop carrying a Springfield XDS with a 4” barrel is probably not the best choice. You might consider having a Ruger LCP or Glock 42 in this instance. From there you might look to a lanyard holster offered by Just Holster It.

Whereas if you are wearing jeans and a button up blouse you could consider a Undertech Shirt or a Protector IB Kydex Holster for the Springfield XDS Holster options. Taking an in depth look at what lifestyle you are looking to carry for is critical to first deciding on your firearm choice and finally what holster you are going to conceal carry that handgun with. Typically smaller sporting good shops will give you a little better customer service then the larger big box stores that will simply point you to an isle number. But always call first to save yourself time. Just Holster It at 13350 Broadway Street, Alden New York is a store exclusively focused on concealed and open carry holsters.

But if you want you can simply do this yourself by looking at yourself and make your choices based on what you do in your day. Remember one concealed holster option may not work for every day of your life. You may need to buy a couple different handguns and concealment holsters to get you through a week.

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The gun industry is constantly growing, as is handgun accessory industry such as concealed carry holster and open carry holster. In addition, more and more holster companies are beginning to surface here in the United States. As with any startup business they are typically starting out of their basements and many times are still working full time.  Many times these companies overlook the simplest of things such as proper holster care. And not only do they forget to address this, but so does the handgun owner.

Most gun owners take pain staking care of their handguns, ensuring that they clean them after every use. But so many times they simply put the holster in their drawer or it stays on their hip as they continue to clean their concealed carry handgun.  Considering the holster is the one item that is always protecting your handgun and your gun holster belt is the other item that gives you the overall support when wearing your handgun. Why would you not think about giving these items a little extra care and attention.

Holsters come in a wide range of styles, from pocket holsters to hybrid holsters and everything in between. Because these are typically concealed carry unless you are in law enforcement they are either in your pocket or inside your pants or belt. Even gun holsters for women are designed to be placed in the purse. These are classic places to collect lint, dust and other pollutants that will affect the overall operation of your handgun.

Just Holster It is one of the few companies that puts a focus on proper care of Concealment Holsters. So much so that they have taken great detail in reviewing many of the gun lubricant products on the market to find the best. They have uncovered a product called Slip2000 which is a synthetic lubricant that not only reduces friction but also does not attract dust. In fact, they include a sample wipe with every holster that is sent to their dealers or ordered via their website.

Simply wipe down the inside of your holster once a week and even the gun at the same time. Check your screws to make sure they are snug and won’t fall out or effect the performance of your holster and you are ready for another week of concealed carry.

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With so many concealed carry handgun options on the market it is difficult to decide what is the best choice. One example of a quality handgun manufacturer is Springfield. They make a wide range of concealed carry handguns including the most popular ones the XDS, but what do you do when you start to look for a Springfield xds holster. With so many options on the market and such a wide range in pricing it can be difficult to decide. Just like a quality Springfield Handgun, Just Holster It prides themselves on making quality handgun concealment holsters and a matching Gun Holster Belt. In fact one of their most popular handgun holsters is the Springfield XDS Holster available in several IWB holster options.

Protector Plus HolsterThe Rigid IWB Holster from Just Holster It is made for both easy and reliable holstering. Specially designed to be as concealable as possible, the Rigid IWB Holster is made from incredibly durable materials making it almost unbreakable but lightweight. The screws are specially made to be fully adjustable so that your retention is customized to how your gun is held (reducing the chances of it coming out of the concealment holster). Simple and steadfast, this is a straight forward concealed carry holster made to do the job.

Can’t decide if you’re an IWB or an OWB kind of person? Then the Hybrid Concealed Carry Holster is made for you. This big boy has both IWB and OWB carry settings in one, made with the standard 15 degree cant for ease of removal. For the price of one, you basically get two different DIY sets that allow you to change between types and belt clips that you can chop and change as you like. Not bad at all for the price you pay, and definitely not one to miss!

If you’re looking for a simple OWB Springfield xds holster then do not despair, the OWB Holsters from Just Holster It have got you covered. Made specifically to fit your gun, this product is easily concealable since it doesn’t make an overly obvious bulge that most OWB holsters make. Instead, this moulds to your waistband and it can be customised to take more shells. This one is also interchangeable with the Hybrid mentioned above, so you can switch the gun shells with both! Pretty cool huh?

For at home protection, has got to be the Rigid IWB Holster & Knight Guard Package also from Just Holster It ! Made to sit between your mattress and the box springs, keeping your handgun close at night. This package is perfect for late night protection and offers all the light and shooting power you would need right at your fingertips.

Are you carrying under the sun all day? Nothing is worse than sweat causing your handgun to rust. The Rigid IWB with Slide Shield is a standard holster with the slide shield included, leaving a barrier between your handgun and your skin when it’s holstered. This makes a massive difference since it won’t corrode the metal of your concealed carry handgun and will leave it looking good as new.

Or maybe you are looking for Gun Holsters for Women, the JHI Pocket Holster is made especially for both men and women! Made to fit snugly in a front pocket or in in your purse, the holster keeps your gun upright in your pocket for easy draw while keeping it hidden from the public eye. The holster is made from kydex and is shaped in a way that protects the trigger while still ensuring that it is easy to draw. Great Springfield holster option!

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