Slip 2000 Gun Wipes

Slip 2000 black powder
Each Slip 2000 Gun Wipe packet contains one 5" x 8" wipe treated with Slip 2000 Synthetic Gun Lube. Perfect for wiping your guns down after a day on the range or while out on a hunt. Apply to all metal surfaces. Great for light carbon cleaning. Safe for all firearm stocks and grips.Features

  • Prevents Against Rust and Corrosion
  • Displaces Moisture
  • Removes Fingerprints
  • Lubricates and Cleans
  • Will not attract dust and dirt
  • Does not contain Teflon or PTFE additives
  • Long-Lasting Protection

Product Price: $13.95 includes Shipping

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115 thoughts on “Slip 2000 Gun Wipes

  1. Rick Marro

    Wow where have these been all my life!! Used for first time after a trip to the range wanted to do a quick clean of pistols. This is the easiest way to go about it. No more wife yelling at me for stealing kitchen towels to clean my guns. I was able clean and wipe and lube both my xds 3.3" .9 and my S&W 638
    With pleanty more left on the wipe. I will be using these going forward 100%

    1. Chris Congelio

      Tried this product out and it was everything they said it was. I came home from the range and cleaned and lubricated my gun with Slip2000. Gun was clean and well lubricated, with no slippery residue left behind. I will continue to use this product. Definitely worth the price, very good deal

  2. Mark LePore

    The perfect addition to my range bag! Each wipe is individually packaged and one time use but plenty to go around. I have 4 main pistols that I bring to the range and one wipe while leaving is all thats needed to shine them back up and keep them protected. Comparably to other oils I use, I would say this takes the top by a long shot. These wipes oil your gun, or anything for that matter, but DO NOT leave it oily, Its more of a protective barrier. I apply this to my carry pistol, which makes it slide in and out of my holster great and minimize holster wear. Putting away my hunting guns I wipe them down with these as well and it keeps them protected while being stored. These will be going on my shelf right next to the WD-40 and Duct Tape. An all around amazing product.

  3. Bradley Sweatt

    Great product. I used this to clean and lube my xds handgun and M4 rifle. I had plenty of wipe left to probably clean a few more guns. Wipe did not leave that oily greasy feel on my weapons that alot of other cleaners do. Definitely a must for everyone's range bag.

  4. Gary Mountjoy

    Great Product! No more wet lubes collecting dust and crud after wiping down my USP .40, or my new Smith and Wesson M&P Performance Center 9mm.
    I carry both of these firearms and hate it when they get dusty. Slip 2000 Gun Wipes will not be used at all times.
    The best part is it goes a long way, and with the individual packets there is no loss.

  5. Blake Stewart

    I just received my slip 2000 wipe and was able to test it out over the weekend! Great product! I was able to use it on multiple guns and they look brand new inside and out! I will definitely use this again and again! Thanks!

  6. Received and tested out my slip 2000 wipe, its perfect for cleaning and lubing all kinds of guns used it on my hand guns and my ancouole rifles one wipe goes a long ways and very convenient overall a great product and will be buying a pack for my range bag thank you just holster it for the opportunity to test this great product

  7. EDC Gentleman

    Perfect addition to the range bag! Great for cleaning quickly and there is enough oil in each one to clean and lube a couple of guns. Put a few of these in a pocket and leave the aerosol cans and leaky bottles at home.

    @edcgentleman on Instagram and Twitter for pics and ongoing reviews.

  8. d simpson

    Great product! Small, easy to use, lightweight, and very convenient! Just throw it in your gun case and go! I like how each wipe is individually wrapped and do not take up any space. Just one step to protect, lubricate and clean without a weird feeling on my guns afterwards!

  9. Missy D

    Got my Slip 2000 Gun Wipe to test out recently and tested it on my 9mm. Feels and looks great, not messy or greasy. Told some friends about them-not only a good product to keep around for the hand guns but also for the change of hunting seasons before putting guns away and getting other guns ready for the start of seasons.

  10. adam kirkpatrick

    I just used this product and I can say wow! It's great! I cleaned the outside of 2 rifles and 2 handguns at the range with 1 wipe! It cleaned any grime and fingerprints right off. It also looks like it leaves a nice shiny but not greasy protective coating on the firearms surfaces. I highly recommend this cleaning product as it it great for that quick clean and especially right before storage. Great product Thanks! I will also promote this online and at the range as it's going in all of my range tool kits!

  11. Lauren Stewart

    I love this wipe! It definitely does its job, my gun looks brand new! These are great to throw in my range bag so I'll have whenever I need them.

  12. Nikolas sager

    Slip2000 is the best I've ever used I love it.. Works very well it will not collect dust its not slimy like some of the other stuff I've used. Would buy

  13. Michael Gregg

    I will certainly be purchasing Slip2000 weapon wipes in the near future! And probably in bulk! I was skeptical when I seen the small package, which easily stowes away in a pocket, range bag, or glove box, but was impressed when I unfolded the wipe. One wipe was more than enough to use on two compact pistols and an old .22 rifle. I carried my rifle and a pistol in the woods while it was raining lightly and the water was obviously displaced and fell off my weapons with a shake! I've had my EDC side arm wiped down for four days now, and it is still protected by a shiny coating. No dirt has accumulated in the typical spots where it usually tends to. Considering I was able to wipe down three weapons (and probably could have done more), Slip2000 is certainly worth the money.

  14. Joshua Korbs

    Worked great. After a long day at the rage I cleaned up my daily carry XDs in no time. I also had enough on the wipe to pull out my 870 and give that a little bit of a touch up. I will be buying the Slip2000 Gun wipes again.

  15. Kathryn Osborn

    Pretty impressed! This was my first time using gun oil wipes and I have to say it's pretty handy. I was worried at first this little one wipe package wasn't going to have enough oil in it to clean an entire gun so I chose my little LCP to clean with this one slip200 wipe. Boy was I wrong. There was enough oil in that little wipe to clean 2 entire shot guns if not more. I carry my gun everyday in VERY dusty environments so I'm anxious to see how well it repels dust & dirt. Also liked how the oil had no odor. Most gun oils I've used have a stout odor to them that lingers for days. That's for letting me try out this product!

  16. Jason Williams

    Used it on my carry gun and my iwb holster where the gun rubs against it. Worked great on both and neither one has gotten any fuzz or dust stuck to it since applying it over a week ago.

  17. Sean D

    I used this for the first time last night and I loved it. I will definitely be using them in the future. I couldn't believe how dirty my pistol was after all the cleaning. I used slip2000 and when I was done it was black I couldn't believe my eyes.

  18. Jim Fisher

    I have to say I am very impressed with this product that was sent to me to test. Went to the range this weekend with a couple of rifles and a handgun. I used the one packet to clean all my guns and the 5x8 wipe has plenty of oil on it to keep using it. I did put in a zip lock bag for the next time it is gun cleaning time. I want to see how long it will hold up.

  19. Richard Prusiecki

    Tried this product out and it was everything they said it was. I came home from the range and cleaned and lubricated my gun with Slip2000. Gun was clean and well lubricated, with no slippery residue left behind. I will continue to use this product.

  20. Robert Sharpe

    I received the slip 2000 packet in the mail for testing and was skeptical but upon opening it and unfolding it.. I quickly applied to my 9m pistol, .22 pistol and 12g shotgun after a routine cleanning.. It wasn't greasy or messy and I would recommend it my friends and would purchase it for future use because of its easy use and and storage. Its great for the range and field for quick cleanups etc and the price is right too... A great product for the money..

  21. Slip 2000 Gun Wipes are packaged in convenient, easy-to-open foil-type packs. They are a handy way to wipe down your guns after a day at the range.

    I wiped down my Sig P938 and Springfield Armory XDS-45 and M&P 22 handguns, as well as my Savage MKII 22 rifle. I shot about 150-200 rounds altogether and the wipes did their job removing carbon, lubricating and restoring the shine on the guns without leaving any greasy residue. I did all this with only one wipe and still have plenty of lubricant left for future use. I just put the used wipe back in the foil pack.

    I am pleased at the lack of odor. So may other lubes and cleaner smell like a toxic waste dump! I'm also happy that the wipes are non-toxic and biodegradable. I have used another non-toxic, biodegradable product that "seasons" the barrel and to date I see no incompatibility with that product. I look forward to trying some additional Slip2000 products, including EWL lubricants, grease, cleaners, Copper Cutter and Carbon Killer.

  22. Just finished cleaning 2 guns with the slip 2000 wipe: Walther PPQ and glock 43, first things first...the product does everything it states it will do, it cleans, lubricates, removes fingerprints, all with ease. Simply tear the package open and you can clean away. So nice. After the second gun was finished, now mind you I clean my guns pretty thorough, a little OCD if you will, they are an investment after all and they may save your life or someone else's some day, but after the second gun I still had plenty of wipe and lubricant left to probably clean 1-2 more. I will say it gets into tight spots and down the whole barrel and places you may not normally be able to get very well with a brush, qtip, or towel whatever it is you use. The only thing I would say is that I wouldn't use this product for a rigorous cleansing. It does what it states and cleans light carbon so it does what states but just because of convenience and ease of use don't skip the deep cleans after several shots or uses. If you carry every day then even if you don't shoot so much these would be great to clean or just kind of go through and lube your gun lightly in between the rigorous cleansings. I would buy this product and I would recommend this product, definitely a good product.

  23. Erin Warr

    I received this wipe to test out. As a female handgun owner, this is ideal for me. Individually wrapped for single use, already has the cleaning lubricant applied, making it easier to clean my weapon after use and prevent rust and corrosion. I will definitely buy this product.

  24. Cody

    I received this product to test and my first impression left me skeptical. The wipe looked and felt dry. I didn't think the wipe was going to be able to do one handgun but my skepticism was quickly wiped away after using this product. It just lifts the carbon and dirt away without leaving your hands or gun greasy and there is enough lube to clean atleast 6 handguns. So for a single use wipe you definitely get bang for your buck. I will be buying this great product in the future.

  25. Victoria Amaral

    Skeptical at first, as it wasn't like anything I've traditionally used to clean my pistols. I tried it out today and I'm very impressed, to say the least. I had just recently did a thorough cleaning of my EDC and this wipe picked up more gunk and junk than what I collected when I did my thorough cleaning. One thing that stood out to me was that it didn't have a scent, which to me is a huge plus. Some other products Ive tried smell very strong and it lingers. These wipes are perfect to keep stocked in a range bag for a quick cleaning. I was worried that it would rip or get snagged as most wipes do but these were very durable. I'm impressed!

  26. Dylan Brady

    Slip 2000 gun lubricant seems to be a good product it's easy to use and you don't make a mess by spraying lubricant everywhere. It's good for a quick wipedown but I would suggest wiping of excess oil because it leaves the firearm with some excess oil which causes lint and some dust to stick to tha firearm.

  27. Excellent easy to use, no waste product ! Upon opening, I was quite surprised to find a completely moist wipe that unfolded into a 5x8 wipe. I used it to clean and wipe down two alternating edc guns, both inside and out. I was left with two shiny, new looking and well lubricated firearms. I also used it to clean and lube the inside of my krydex holster. After use I refolded and sealed back into the original pouch for use possibly two additional times. Product can easily be carried in pockets, glove box, range bag , etc. I would again.

  28. I will say initial thoughts of SLIP2000 was like will a gun moist toilette really clean and protect my gun? In short YES! I work for a firearms dealer and took the dirtiest used gun we had to test this product out. This 1911 had tons of build up on the chamber as well as the feed ramp. After rubbing for a few short seconds the build up was flaking off and was able to see that mirror polish I was supposed to look like. I then wiped the rest of the metal surfaces down to rid of dirt and debris. Every single print and smudge was removed from the metal surface. I would highly recommend this for anyone in need of a quick cleaning.
    Only negative thing I can say about his product is that it will never beat a solvent and a brush, but that should be implied as its only a patch like application. This would make a excellent "in the field" quick clean or even a wipe down after the range. The price point is well worth what you would pay for rust removal or a deep clean!
    I even recommended this product on my INSTAGRAM account!

  29. Niko Podeszwa

    What an absolutely amazing wipe! My EDC is a G26 that is with me everywhere I go and I fire it every week. I waited 2 weeks without cleaning the pistol after shooting and the Slip2000 cut away every bit of soot! I even ran the wipe through the barrel and it worked amazingly! I was shocked I had more on the wipe so I cleaned the wife's EDC with no problem. So I took my Glock back outside and fired 100 rounds through it. The pistol remained very clean. I gave it a little wipe down again with the SAME cloth and the sheen has held nicely for a week. They are small, convenient, easily portable, durable, and functional cleaning and lubricant wipe. Very easy for on-the-go or in a weapons bag. I love that there was not a cleaning kit needed to be broken out and used, nor does the solvent and lubricant on the wipe emit a strong odor. I was able to easily clean two pistols fully and clean up was as simple as putting a wipe in a waste basket! Definitely recommended! Will definitely use more!

  30. Eric Schaefer

    Finally got around to trying my new slip 2000 gun wipe and I must say it is great for a quick wipe down on any gun. It is definitely well lubed and goes a long way. I just cleaned five different handguns and there was plenty of lube left for more. I don't think these will replace my full cleaning kit by any means but for a good, quick and easy wipe down to protect your guns, they're great and worth it. The lubricant is light and not sticky at all. Should work great on my EDC.

  31. Kenneth Ellis

    I am not the kinda person that trys everything that comes out. So stepping out of the box and using a wipe for my baby (Henry Big Boy 357M) is really pushing it. Slip 2000 Gun Wipe bridges a gap, in that it cleans, and Lubricates all in one with the convience of and ease of indivuadal packs.

    Likes: 1. Portable, indivuadal packs are great!
    2. Those Packets are small, perfect for the range bad!
    3. More than enough for a rifle and a hand gun, in only one packet!
    4. Ensures that the range grime is taken care of-- till you can do a deep
    5. 13.95 for twenty packets will last you a long time, I get to the range
    twice a month, so for me thats 6 months worth, a great value!
    6. I was expecting this product to be greasy, it isn't, its a protective
    7. Blued surfaces, this product did a great job, on stainless (brushed) it
    also did a great job.

    Dis-Likes: On my brass surface it seemed to smear, and when I tried to do a polish (the best thing of a Henery is the Brass Receiver) it was very hard to get rid of the smear. Please keep in mind I am a former Marine, and highly polished brass is a Marine thing.

    All in all, its a great product that I intend to use. My guns and rifles are an investment, one that intend to pass to my son. Slip 2000 will keep my investments in tip top shape.

    Price point is importante, and I think its spot on.

    Can not comment on: Polished Stainless, or Tin and or colored surface.

    On a scale of 1-10 I give this product a 8.5

  32. Reid Groninger

    This a very good product. I'm not a fan of wipes, but it cleaned my XDm in one wipe, with no leftover residue. I would recommend gloves though because these wipes are very wet. I feel like its a waste to clean one gun with one wipe because you could probably clean 3 guns with one wipe.

  33. Brandon Joyce

    I tested out the Slip2000 on my home defense smoothbore 12 Gauge Mossberg 500 and everyday carry .40 S&W G23. I shoot a lot of Winchester because it is an ok round for the price, but in my experience they are a very dirty relative to other brands

    The G23 was already clean, so I just gave it a wipe down on the exterior. One pass put down the perfect amount of lube. I did notice an improvement in feel when drawing and holstering. The sweat build up on the slide was reduced as well during an entire day of carrying it on my hip.

    The biggest impression was on the Mossberg. This thing was freshly dirty after thirty rounds at the range and had some dust buildup from sitting in a closet. Normally I'd put two dozen passes of Hoppes 9 down to clean this beast out. One pass of Slip2000 and the inside of the barrel looked shiny new. Two passes and it had that perfect layer of lube and was ready for action. I did one pass on the exterior of Mossberg as well and it left that perfect layer.

    Overall, I was very impressed with Slip2000. It does the fast job everyone wants. Honestly, Slip2000 is a new must have for me. It's fast and easy, efficient clean that will protect your firearms.

  34. Kim A.

    Love the Slip2000 Gun Wipe! Makes it super easy and convenient to clean my Glock after a day at the range. Does a great job cleaning and lubricating. I was impressed with how great my gun looked and how smooth the slide moved. Will definitely be using the Slip2000 again.

  35. Nora Buhler

    Love the slip 2000 gun wipe. I carry everyday so this is a great product to do a quick wipe down. I like that it has no tephlon coating. No oder. Will definitely purchase for my bag.

  36. Jeff Nasalga

    Slip 2000 wipes are the perfect range bag "add in" for the end of the day wipe downs. With one (1) single wipe I was able to wipe down the feed ramp, inside, and out side of a few of my pistol barrels and lower recievers. (One wipe can definitely do several wipe downs, plenty of applied product and decent sized patch)

    The wipes worked so well, I decided to purchase a bottle of slip 2000 "Carbon Killer" for complete DCOA's.

    It also has a fresh scent and isn't hard on the hands, two (2) thumbs up for such a great and easy product...

  37. Ryan Deck

    The towel seemed kind of dry when i took it out of the package, however it did wipe away all the grime and carbon that had built up after 1500 rounds. i would buy this product. Could be useful for a on the range quick cleaning. My steel wool shammy wiped away the oils and fingerprints from the handgun a little better than this product did.

  38. Dylan Wetzel

    Used Slip 2000 after putting about 150-200 rounds threw my Springfield XDS 9mm. Perfectly cleaned and lubricated. A little on the pricey side but is an all around great product will be added to my range bag!

  39. Ethan W.

    I used the slip2000 gun wipes on my glock 23. It did a great job cleaning the gun and it looked and felt great afterward. The downside is that by the time I got done my hands were covered in oil as the entire wipe is saturated. Although it did a good job I prefer the old rag and oil method.

  40. Joe santini

    So i used this product in 3 of my guns this past weekend. My AR, my glock 43, and my sons savage 22. I really wanted to put it to the test so after cleaning all 3 guns, i decided to only use 1 single wipe on all 3. Ran it through all the barrels, and the bolts on both rifles. I ran 60 rounds non stop through all 3 guns. Once back inside was very pleased to find NO carbon build up on any of them. You could even still tell that they were still lubricated. Im very pleased with this product and will definitely be getting some more on my next stop into the store!!

  41. James L. Cobb

    Used the slip 2000 wipe on my edc handgun last week. I like the ease of use and the seemingly protective barrier left behind. I dont like the fact that my gun now attracts dust and particles like a magnet. I've only been carrying it for a week and seems to have more dust and particles on it than it does on my previous monthly cleaning schedule. Other than that I think this is a good product to throw in a range bag or truck console. I think the price point is about right for what you get.

  42. David Helton

    I used the Slip2000 gunwipes this evening. They work great! I wiped across all of the surfaces on my pistol, and it cleaned up very nicely. I will be getting these for my range kit soon.

  43. David Joksimovic

    Finally got around to trying the sample wipe I received a few weeks ago and I can say I'm honestly impressed. While it's not a substitute for a proper cleaning it would make a really handy addition to the range bag. It's great for a quick wipe down and feels like it would do a good lube job in a pinch.

    Perfect scenario for this would be if you were at the range and your bolt was dry. It's happened to me before and probably to you. I could see giving the bolt carrier a quick wipe down with one of these and getting the gun back on track. Same with if you wanted to do a fast field cleaning. Way more convenient and less potential for mess than carrying a bottle of lube.

    Very cool product, only downfall is you obviously get some of the lube on your fingers/hand so make sure you have a paper towel handy to wipe off. I will more than likely stock some of these in my range bag and my GTFO gear.

  44. Megan Rombaut

    I just used my Slip 2000 gun wipe and loved it! My shield 9mm is nice and clean looking. I could definitely use this wipe on a few guns at one time with how wet it is but I would recommend wearing a pair of gloves cause now it's all over my hands.

  45. Steve N.

    I treat my guns pretty harshly. I don't clean them often, with modern ammo, they just don't require it. BUT, I do keep them lubricated. Normally just a little on the rails and points of contact, but that has always involved carrying around a bottle of lube (that I'm afraid to bring without a special case so it doesn't leak in my range bag) that I use pretty sparingly.

    Being able to carry the Slip2000 was a revelation. I put 200 rounds through a Glock 17 and 100 through a 45 ACP Shield and wiped them down before I left the range. I don't know if it's prescribed, but the wipe held up so well that I put it in a Ziploc bag and kept it another week. Zero problems and my gun ran smooth. Long term, we'll see about the protectant, but so far, it does exactly what it says. Good product.

    I've posted about this on both Facebook and Twitter.

  46. james hale

    What an awesome product! As I was opening the package, I was thinking it was going to be just another ordinary gun cleaning product. I was really amazed at the results. I wiped down a brand new gun recently purchased & was amazed at how much debris & rust it removed!! Looks like a new addition to my gun cleaning supplies!!

  47. Bobby valdez

    Love the slip 200 gun wipes . One wipe had my gun clean and shiny and could of probably cleaned another one with the same wipe. Would definitely recommend this product . It's now a must for me . Love yalls products

  48. Josh Lathan

    Couldn't believe at how well it cleaned up my Springfield xds45 and how much smoother it felt after using Slip2000. defiantly something I will always keep in my cleaning supplies. Also doesn't take up tons of room in a bag or storage bin like other cleaning products.

  49. Josh Patty

    Just got my Slip2000 wipes and I love them! I tore down my 9mm and wiped it clean, wiped the parts as I reassembled it, then wiped the whole thing down again after it was reassembled. THEN, I did my 44 mag! Only used 1 side of the wipe for both! I folded it up, and will use it again! Still a ton of oil left! Definitely like it and recommend adding it to any cleaning kit!

    1. Josh Patty

      This is my first product as a tester for Just Holster It, and I love it! Posted my thoughts on FB as well! Looking forward to testing more awesome products in the future!

  50. Mikey V.

    Very handy for a quick clean and protection of my carry pistol. If you just tear open the end of the package slide the wipe out just enough to wipe gun down it helps to keep your fingers from becoming SLICK also. Simply slip back inside package when done,seal it up in a ziplock bag and use it a few more times. Wipes work great and make it easy to keep my carry pistol clean and protected!!

  51. kyle ramback

    I never used a wipe before and and realized I've been missing out after I used this one. My hk vp9 wasn't that dirty and I thought this would be perfect for a quicky clean not realizing how big one wipe was, it could of handled a way bigger job. It'll also be perfect to keep in your bag when you can't bring along your entire cleaning arsenal but to be honest this would be a great addition to your cleaning arsenal anyway, you'll love it! I'm buying me some more of these for sure.

  52. Bauer Brown

    After sending several rounds down range, I tested the SLIP 2000 gun wipe on the bolt carrier group of my AR15. I wanted to test this wipe on heavy carbon build up to really see what it is worth. Needless to say, it did the job. Not only at removing the carbon build up, but adding just enough lubricant to the bolt carrier group. I have never in my life, cleaned an entire bolt carrier group with one wipe until now. As an LEO, I'm always seeking the best product when it comes to my firearms. With that said, I will be using these wipes from now on.

  53. Tony Foster

    I received the Slip 2000 Gun Lubricant wipe for review. I waited until after a weekend tactical training class where I shot over 600 rounds to give it a try. Wow do these things ever work. My pistol was very dirty from all the shooting as well the from the dust and grim from the training. The wipe did an amazing job of cleaning. I had a couple of areas where I had some carbon buildup that had not removed from a previous cleaning, the Slip 2000 allowed me to even remove the old carbon that my previous cleaner had left behind.
    One of the things a really like about the Slip 2000 is the lack of a strong smell. The Slip 2000 was very pleasant to use. You can also feel the lubrication in the wipe. This takes care of both the cleaning and lubrication in one easy step.
    I wish I could post pictures here because the before and after are pretty amazing.
    I plan on purchasing these in the future for quick clean ups.

  54. Gotta say ... initially I thought the slip2000 gun wipes seemed like a waste of money but, with that being said I do really like them. The slip2000 gun wipe is small and easy to take with you in a pocket or range bag, its a super fast way to get your firearm looking tip top in a hurry. for anyone one who loves to shot but hates to clean their gun but knows they have to, this option cleans and protects in a hurry. Having a slip 2000 gun wipe on hand eliminates the need for and worry of spilling a bottle of cleaner. A++ for fast easy use and cleaning.

  55. Josh

    I just started using these Slip2000 wipes and am impressed so far. One feature I really like is the thin yet viscous coat it leaves on the metal surfaces. I also like the dual use of cleaning and lubing at the same time.

  56. Jeff Lathan

    Great to use wipes on my pistol. No residue or greasy feeling. Also used on my holster to keep clean and free of any debris. Will use product in the future

  57. I am pleased with the product that I tested. I thought for sure when I open that up. That It was going to be as oily
    as those REM oil wipes are. The one wipe goes a long ways. I've now cleaned my shotgun. That I haven't clean since the close of bird season. I'm not huge on bring large amounts of oil to the range. But I'm confident enough that the slip 2000 synthetic gun lubricant will do the job. I give it A++ easy to clean wipes.

  58. I recieved the slip 2000 gun wipes and i must say im impressed, i used it on my glock 19 and it lubed it up nice without the residue most oils and solvents leave behind, i would recommend this product to anyone who likes a good cleaning solution.

  59. Armand C.

    I got the Slip2000 Gun Wipe to review and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed. After a day on the range, I used it to clean my M&P40 and wow, it was so easy to use and no mess. I was a little skeptical at first, but after I was done, I'm a believer. I like how it cleans and lubricates at the same time and that it's non-toxic and non-hazardous. I also liked how its packaged. So small and compact that you can throw a couple in your range bag and you're good to go; not having to worry about a bottle spilling.

    1. Mike

      Awesome product! I was leery at first having tried wipes before that were lack luster, but these performed. Wipe doesn't deteriorate and leave lint which is what I was concerned with. This product also didn't have any odor like other cleaners/lubes I've used. Another big plus is being individually packaged so no need to worry about a bottle leaking all over your range bag. The Wipe cleaned well and didn't leave an oil residue or the CLP odor. I will be coming back for more.

  60. Andrew S.

    Awesome addition to my range/hunting equipment! love the how "user friendly" the wipes are. I used them on my Sig P320 and My Mossberg 500 after a day at the range. WOW! Slip2000 Gun Wipe cleaned perectly. I wiped the outside of the guns with it and it left them shiny, but not oily or greasy. I will recommend these to anyone who owns firearms.

  61. Samantha W

    These are fantastic! I cleaned my Glock with it and it did a great job. It does exactly as it should, leaving behind a clean, lubricated surface. I think the price is very reasonable and I like that the wipes are more portable than other lubricants that come in bottles and leak.

  62. Received my slip2000 gun lubricant wipe to test. I used it about 1 month ago and no dust on the gun. The gun looks like I just wiped it down and oiled it. Impressed with the product and would recommend and use it. Looks to be a great product.

  63. David Burnett

    I received the Slip2000 wipes in the mail for product testing and used it to clean my Kahr cm9 which gets pretty dirty from shooting and using as a CCW. The product is amazing and the wife likes it better because it doesn't smells like hoppe's 9 solvent, which I have to go outside in the garage or basement to using the Slips2000 I can clean my pistols while watching tv in the Comfort of my living room.

  64. Zachary

    All in all i have to say that the Slip gun wipes worked well. It removed all dirt and grime on that occurs on my EDC Sig 938. I will definitely use this product in the future.

  65. Caleb Litzner

    Got these in the mail as my first product to test and to be honest I was a little iffy as I've used "magic wipes" to clean my guns before and they did not live up to the hype. Thankfully the Slip2000 is an exception! I did a normal cleaning on my G43 prior to heading out to shoot. I put 100 rounds through my pistol, and as expected, there was the normal gun powder residue all over the insides (obviously). I then cleaned my gun with the Slip2000 (the internal parts appeared the same after both cleanings). The cleaning itself was much easier with a single moist pad instead of gathering old rags and getting gun oil all over everything. I then put another 100 rounds through my pistol and opened in back up... The difference was amazing! There was very noticeably less build up of all debris! This is a fantastic product that every avid shooter should buy! It's quick, easy, and makes the next cleaning that much easier!!

  66. James Reinhardt

    I received the Slip2000 Gun Lubricant to review. It worked really well and cleaned up all the powder residue and left it nice and clean. It was convenient and easy to use. I highly recommend it and I'm looking forward to using it again.

  67. JP120

    While the price surprised me at first the Slip2000 Gun Wipes seem to be a quality wipe with plenty of product to do a quick wipe down/cleaning of several guns. I tried it out after a trip to the range on 4 dirty full size handguns with life left in the wipe when I was done. The cloth itself is durable and didn't fall apart or leave remnants with vigorous scrubbing. The product on the cloth seems to work well & even helped to remove some light marks from my brass punch after a recent site change. The firearms I tried it on had a mix of finishes from standard bluing, stainless & nitron coated, I wiped them down with a fiber cloth after letting the Sip2000 soak in for a few leaving them all looking good without leaving a oily residue. Overall they seem like they would be a good addition to any range bag!

  68. Darrin

    I tried out this wipe and was surprised at its effectiveness. I like the fact that it doesn't leave a film for dust to collect. I used it to clean 3 of my handguns and probably could have done a couple long guns as well. I will definitely get more and can't wait to show my brother.

  69. I received the slip2000 gun wipes to review for just holster it. The product was easy to use. I haven't fired my pistols in a while but did get some dirt off them and had plenty of lubricant for all 3 and could have done more. This was my first product to review.

  70. Brian Pokorski

    Pros: One wipe goes a long way (I cleaned and wiped down a H&R Ultramag 800 and my Glock 43 with one slip 2000 wipe and could have done at least one if not two more in my collection). There is NO odor! I typically clean my firearms in my basement and with my typical cleaning solvents and lubricants you can become a little overwhelmed. Lastly, there was a definite shine to the guns after application. It didn't seem too heavy after application either. It was easy to use and clean up after you're done was as easy as throwing the disposable wipe into the trash.
    Cons: it appeared to leave some "lint" on the firearms after wiped down. Not really a big deal but I noticed it and wiped them down with the Slip 2000 again. Having tried the product on metal, wood, and plastic, I would say using it on plastic was the least favorable (and also the least necessary to do but they said you could wipe it on just about any surface).

    Overall I'd give this product 4.5 stars out of 5.

  71. Danny

    You've got to love this ! It works great and easy to store in your range or bugout bag . I highly recommend it !

  72. Jeffrey nowicki

    The slip 2000 wipes work great for cleaning my pistol after doing some target shooting. The wipes far exceeded my expectations cleaning the powder of the cylinder and the housing off my revolver. The prepackaged wipes will be great to take to hunting camp to do a quick wipe down of your gun after those rainy,snowey days. Slip should sell the wipes in a container for everyday use too.

  73. Jon C Shotton

    Great product easy to use. Threw it in range bag wiped down my 9mm shield when got done. Made it a snap. Thanks for a good product

  74. Andrew M

    At first, I was skeptical about how this could clean due to it feeling a little dry out of the package. However, I tested it anyway just to see how well it would do. I used it after shooting 200 rounds through my S&W M&P Shield 9 and it made it so easy and simple to do a quick cleaning. It does not substitute a thorough cleaning, but as a quick wipe down this is the perfect wipe to do it with. In the coming days I will be ordering more for myself and my friends to test out, too. It is perfect to put in a range bag when you want to wipe your weapon down at the range but do not want to bring out bottles and patches to clean with.. Just tear this open and throw it away. No mess and no bottles.

  75. Eric

    When I first got these wipes in, I thought to much can one wipe do!? Well 2 S&W M&P, 1 Kruger precision action as well as final wipe down on a shotgun ...with just one wipe. Everything is clean, fingerprint free and micro lubes now. I would highly recommend this product.

  76. Eric m.

    I have used this product on several firearms and it works great. I will recommend this product to others.

  77. Tyler Wolcott

    Excellent product, I had no idea these wipes would clean no protect my hand gun like that awesome

  78. Justin M

    These gun wipes are amazing! It cleaned my gun very well and didn't leave a greasy residue, and it was moist enough to do my smaller gun as well. It's been a few weeks since I applied it to my gun and it is still working great! I will definitely be using this product again and again.

  79. Todd W

    Like many I also used the wipe after a range trip. I wanted to see how well it did by just cleaning my Shield by just using the wipe first then cleaning it traditionally.

    I field stripped the gun and cleaned everything I could get to using some picks, probes and cleaning rods (used to clean the barrel).

    Got to say I was impressed with how much garbage these took off.

    Then on to traditional cleaning. Very impressed! Not much was left for me to remove traditionally. Just in some places that I couldn't reach with the wipe alone.

    Verdict: Awesome product for fast field strip and cleaning, very well suited for travel and for the quick wiped own of multiple weapons in the safe as a normal maintenance regime. I'd recommend these as a standard and a solid supliment to the proper care and feeding of any weapon.

  80. I used the wipe on my S&W 357 it cleaned it up better than any other product I have used in the pass. The wipe has no mess or the chance of spilling the product.


    I received this product to test..
    I was sceptical to say the least..
    I clean my pistol regularly and would consider my weapon to be clean always.
    I took the cloth out and wiped down my pistol well and was surprised at the amount of grime came off of it .
    Even the magazine!

  82. Jessica Gielow

    I finally got around to testing this product, and I was pleasantly surprised. It can't take the place of a thorough cleaning, but it is super handy for a quick clean and lube.

  83. Lewis DiPietro

    The wipes are great. Very convenient. No scent is a nice added plus. A little pricy for a one time use product but I think that if you pack it in a plastic sandwich bag you may get multiple uses out of it.

  84. Vincent Mederos

    The slip 2000 works awesome. Sometimes I go to the range just to get some practice in with my concealed carry either a S&W MP Shield 9mm or MP Bodyguard .38 revolver. This product was awesome because it literally fit in my back pocket and I was able to clean my concealed carry right away. These wipes are perfect for so many different reasons.

  85. Michael Nguyen

    This isn't the first time I've used Slip 2000 lube before, it was in Iraq when I was still in the USMC, where the temperatures were high and the air moisture was pretty low. DRY!!! I was happy to see this as a product offered by Just Holster It, when we received it, I recalled my positive experiences with it to my wife and gave her the chance to clean and wipe down the guns we took to the range earlier in the day. She loved that it was in a single easy to use packet, versus the traditional large bottle or roll that got messy, because of putting to much lube on there or having dirty hands already.

    The lubricated wipes itself does a great job keeping the barrel and moving parts clean and lubed while also keeping them from attracting too much dirt/sand/or any other debris that may sneak into the firearm when being used/transported.

    Overall, my wife and I would highly recommend these single pre-packed lubricated wipes any day! Great for putting it into your range bag, Bug out bag, EDC bag, pockets or even your wallet!!!

  86. Ken Pastore

    I spent the day at my buddy's place shooting my 40 cal Glock it was a damp and rainy day. Used my slip 2000 when I was done and it did all it said it would do. Cleaned my gun thoroughly and left it looking great with no oily residue. I will be using this product again, and will be recommending to all of my gun carrying family. Thanks for this great chance to use the product. And for bringing it to my attention ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  87. Ken Krueger

    FANTASTIC!!!! Talk about a time saver. Ready to use right out of the package and one wipe is plenty for a quick clean for two rifles and my EDC. Does a great job cleaning and protecting. 10 out of 10.

  88. Shannon

    I liked these wipes. I was able to clean 2 pistols completely and quickly with 1 wipe. I will use them again.

  89. Really enjoyed using this product. its easy to apply and does a great job on cleaning and lubricating the exterior of the weapon. After a day trip at the range I tend to bring home a filthy weapon but upon using this item i noted the ease of use. it did an awesome getting the job done and removing dirt and powder residue!

    I do believe the cost for 20 packets is rather on the high side. I would like to see it go for $10 or less. In my opinion, any novice to gun maintenance would look right past this item due to cost and lack of knowledge of product quality.

    its make a great item to keep with range items as its small enough to carry multiple and use very little space and for easy disposal!!! would 100% recommend this item to any gun enthusiast.

    will definitely share on social media about my encounter of this product and recommend to friends and family!

    Randy Williams - Product Tester Club

  90. Eric Thornton

    I used my sample of the slip 2000 last week after putting a couple of boxes of 9mm through my Springfield Xd 9 sub compact. It cleaned supprisingly well. I liked the lack of a big mess and the carbon came off with ease. I took my gun out today put one box through it and afterwards it came clean more easily than usual. I will be using this product for future cleaning.

  91. Donnie Paul

    Thanks to the guys over at @justholsterit I was able to try this new product , and I must say I'm very impressed, this product for me had a duel purpose, first I wanted to completely clean my fire arm with it and second I wanted to see how well it lubricated, I am pleased to say it did a excellent job at both. I am very happy with the quality of the product and I'm very surprised at the same time a little bit of this product goes a long way, the wipe in just one package allowed me to service multiple firearms, I see myself replacing a kit full of product and switching over to this very simple and easy to use wipe! I have shared post on Instagram and Facebook to really spread the word on this product you now have a customer for life.

  92. Jarvis Orozco

    Slip2000 GUN WIPE
    Is it really a one stop shop wipe? I was a little skeptical about something that claims to be a DO ALL product. As I sat at my kitchen table getting ready to clean a used Citadel 1911 I just acquired that had been badly neglected when it came to being cleaned, my daughter said Daddy you can get lots of those wipes at Buffalo Wild Wings. Is this what it is? A BBQ wet nap repackaged?
    As I dissembled the 1911 I was blown away by the amount of carbon build up, and thought there is no way I can clean this entire pistol with one wet nap. I was expecting an odor when I opened the packet like most cleaning solvents have, but to my surprise it was odorless. That for me was a huge plus that means no more “go to the garage with that” from the wife. The packet states that is for light carbon build up Uh Oh this 1911 has major build up.

    When I began to run the glorified BBQ wet nap over the disgustingly dirty parts of this 1911, I found myself smirking and saying o wow a few times to myself. I did not have to wipe with much effort at all. It almost seemed like the carbon build up was being drawn to the wipe. I progressed to wiping down all the parts. A few minutes later I was done! But that was way too easy. I did not have to bring out the oil to lube the gun after it was clean. I grabbed a terry cloth and simply wiped away the excess oil. I did not wear gloves while cleaning the 1911 I wanted to see if the non-toxic compound was harsh on skin, It was not and was actually easy to wipe off my hands.

    I can see this product cutting down your time spent cleaning your weapons. I was a bit of a skeptic in this wipe but I feel as though I will have these in my cleaning kit from now on. I definitely cleaned with little effort and lubed without having to add a step.

    Thumbs up


  93. Edward Miller

    I had recently purchased a new firearm. After taking it out for the first time I decided trying the Slip 2000 wipe in hopes to protect my gun for the future. The product did everything it was supposed to. My firearm looked brand new just as it did when it came out of the box. Not a fingerprint to be found. I was very satisfied. I also could not believe the time and hassle it saved. No bottle of lube and wipes. Just open it up and go. Would recommend to everyone and will purchase more in the future!

  94. Mark Boyd

    Great product! Went to the range and used the wipe right after was quick and easy! Love that it cleans and protects all in the same cloth.

  95. Juan Nunez

    Very impressed with the quality this little guy brings! No bigger than a wet wipe packet but it brings a big punch. Wanted to see how it would do so I shot 200 rounds then waited a few days and shot 200 more. This one packet was not only odorless it could completely be mistaken for a wet napkin or a wet wipe as I said earlier. I ONLY USED ONE and it still had the ability to clean my firearm once more. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to clean there weapons and not have to deal with the hassle of carrying about little oil bottles. Its conveniently packaged and easy to store in my range bag! It's a MUST have!

  96. Jay

    These are a must have for range days. Portable, easy to use and get the job done. I was surprised at how much dirt and grime these things can take care of. I manage to clean my entire 9mm with just one wipe inside and out. They're great for quick range trips and those days where you want to make sure and get things cleaned but don't have time to break out the entire cleaning kit. My only gripe is the price per wipe BUT these will definitely be kept in my range bag at all times.

  97. Chad Eastwood

    Received the product in good condition, used it to clean my AR after my latest trip to the range. I put about 250 rounds through my rifle so it was filthy. The Slip2000 wipe was enough to clean the entire rifle after I broke up the carbon with an AP brush. Cut my cleaning time dramatically! Will definitely buy more of these!

  98. Chris Lutton

    Work's great. Very convenient and handy. Great for quick clean. Product does what is advertized. I will continue to use Slip 2000.

  99. David Benzee

    I tried this item on a new firearm i just purchased and some old ones that have been in the safe for a while and needed some re-cleaning. The Slip 2000 is excellent, Not only did it leave a nice clean appearance on the new one but it shined up the older ones to like new and one of the best things is the dust and particles do not stick to your gun when your done cleaning them. I recommend to everyone, and will buy more in the future.

  100. Mark

    Awesome product for 20 for 1395 is a good deal went to the range use them on three handguns and two rifles cleaned and protected took away all the fingerprints still had plenty of life left in the one that I was using Bing that I'm also a concealed holder works great on all of my concealed weapons from dust weather it on your ankle or in your waistband

  101. Michael

    So far so good. Used after a range day a few weeks ago on my edc. Went to the range today and it performed great. Didn't seam to collect as much dirt and residue as others I've used. Haven't used in extreme weather or anything so can't comment on that but for general purpose it's better than some of the standard products out.

  102. Eric Hendricks

    I was originally a little doubtful that a "handy wipe" would do what they claimed. But I was definitely wrong! After a day at the range and 200 rds later, Slip2000 definitely did a great job of wiping down the XDS. So easy to use and actually works... Will definitely be getting more to keep in my range bag!

  103. Joshua Anderson

    Received the Slip 2000 in the mail when I opened it I was pretty skeptical at first so I pulled out one of my pistols that sees the most elements which is my concealed carry 380 bodyguard. So I pulled it apart and commenced to cleaning as I started I thought no way can this one wipe clean my whole pistol but not only did it clean that one I also cleaned a second pistol with the same wipe I am very pleased with the performance and will be purchasing a box or two to keep in my hunting pack for in the field cleaning. Much easier than trying to carry a full cleaning kit.

    Thanks for the opportunity to test this product. Very satisfied with the results.

  104. Walt Tignor

    Brought my pistol home after running a concealed carry class in the Arizona desert. The Slip 2000 wipe removed all residue and dust with a simple wipe down. One tool completely cleaned my pistol, no fuss no swabs, no big mess.

  105. Jeanette Jelfo

    I will admit, I was a little skeptical before I used this. It just seems to easy, instead of pulling out my cleaning kits. But I was on my way to the range, and realized I needed to clean my Glock, and my Ruger, so I figured I would pull out the wipe and try it.
    I LOVE IT!! It's so easy, no mess, and it did a great job cleaning my guns!! I will definitely be buying these, because I can just throw them in my gun bag for the next time I want to do a quick clean. They are not messy, they are not greasy/oily; they are just perfect!


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