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In the world of Concealed Carry Holster for women the selection is tough, probably the most difficult is finding the right Concealed Carry Holster for women. This is driven by how a woman dresses, what her activities are for the day, and so on. A gun holster needs to be fitted not to just the handgun but to the customer. For example a stay at home mom that has children around that can potentially get access to the gun, needs a more secure situation or total concealment holster compared to the working woman who goes to work every day. And what the woman wears for work is an even deeper consideration. Keep in mind most women do not typically wear a heavy duty holster belt like men. So what do we do?!

Finding a business that has a broad selection of  holsters for a wide range of gun models, that can give you a wide range of holster configurations and will let you try them on is a good start. Then before you go you need to evaluate your lifestyle and determine do you have the right handgun for how you will dress. Obviously if you are going jogging and wearing spandex pants and tanktop carrying a Springfield XDS with a 4” barrel is probably not the best choice. You might consider having a Ruger LCP or Glock 42 in this instance. From there you might look to a lanyard holster offered by Just Holster It.

Whereas if you are wearing jeans and a button up blouse you could consider a Undertech Shirt or a Protector IB Kydex Holster for the Springfield XDS Holster options. Taking an in depth look at what lifestyle you are looking to carry for is critical to first deciding on your firearm choice and finally what holster you are going to conceal carry that handgun with. Typically smaller sporting good shops will give you a little better customer service then the larger big box stores that will simply point you to an isle number. But always call first to save yourself time. Just Holster It at 13350 Broadway Street, Alden New York is a store exclusively focused on concealed and open carry holsters.

But if you want you can simply do this yourself by looking at yourself and make your choices based on what you do in your day. Remember one concealed holster option may not work for every day of your life. You may need to buy a couple different handguns and concealment holsters to get you through a week.

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